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Posted on Nov 7, 2017 in Blog

November Greetings

November Greetings


We have exciting news!  Last year I completed the acquisition of the Allen & Gibson Group from my mentor and friend Barbara Allen. Our new team name is The Gibson Group. Barbara will remain a member of the team, consulting and sharing her vast knowledge of the region’s real estate market with our clients. Barbara’s love for Ashland and the community is unmatched and she will continue to be our champion for this amazing place. We are happy to be here for each other and our clients!

Barbara and I are committed to making sure this continues to be a seamless transition. We have always seen eye to eye on putting our clients’ needs first in managing their real estate transactions, and are excited to continue that tradition.

You may already know that this isn’t the only recent change to The Gibson Group team. We’re thrilled to have been joined by Broker Kim McMurtrey, and Suzanne Mihocko continues to lend her skills and expertise as she has for the last eighteen months.

We will continue to seek out and use the industry’s latest and most effective tools and technology to market properties and provide our signature customer service as we look forward to 2018. This has been an amazing year for Southern Oregon sales, a place so many people aspire to live. We expect 2018 to see steady growth.

Thank you for being a part of our extended circle of family, friends, colleagues and clients, and for travelling this road with us! We love what we do and you will always come first with us. Your referrals are our highest compliment. You can continue to reach us at John L Scott Real Estate,  320 E Main St in Ashland 541-708-5775.

Happy Thanksgiving and all the best to you and your families!



“Danna is someone who truly cares about our clients; she’s always learning and finding new ways to improve our relationship with them. It’s something I hoped to see in the person I was willing to turn to when it was time for me to turn over the leadership.” – Barbara Allen

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